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Attacking the Darkness Since 2004

Mar. 13th, 2006

02:40 am

Jack Shaftoe

Most biographies start with an account of one's parents, and the house in which they lived. I'm afraid I couldn't begin that way if I wanted to. My first memory is from about the age of two or three; I was on the streets, and had been I suppose, when I came across a bright red thing lying among the scuffling shoes and boots at the edge of the local market. Dodging and weaving through the forest of legs all around, I had to dive to save the thing from a giant who nearly smashed it under his foot. After rushing to safety under the shelter of a nearby wooden table, I took a bite of the thing which I would later learn was an apple. I'm not sure what I had survived on to that point, but it must have been utter shite judging by how delicious that apple tasted.
From then on, I found any way I could to snatch apples from the various fruit stands in the market. I got caught a couple of times, but the merchants tended to take pity on me. By the age of 5, though I should never have lived that long, I had joined a street gang of other children. Though I had to prove my mettle, I did so, and avoided many of the beatings typically forced on the newcomers. Within a year, I had gained the confidence of our gang's leader, and was responsible for replenishing our food stores on a regular basis. Life continued on like this for some time. The gang essentially grew up together, with some leaving and others joining, but many of us staying together for lack of any other family in the world.
By the time I was on the verge of being a teenager, the authorities had become lot less forgiving and our schemes had to be a lot more complex. Finally there came a day when the fit really hit the shan, so to speak. We had been running a pickpocket scam in the largest market in town, when a new gang tried to move in on our territory. They really had no intention in letting us keep our monopoly, and so the rivalry grew at an unbelievable rate. Within only a few weeks, we were regularly clashing with them on the street, often leading to bloodshed. One day we came back from scouting the site of an upcoming festival where we planned to fill our coffers for months to come, when suddenly our forward scout came running up to me. He informed me that our two watchmen lay dead outside the abandoned apartments that we had been working out of, and the door had been left flung open. Upon entering the apartments, I rushed to where our leader spent most of his time only to find him on the floor in a pool of his own blood. Later that night, after deciding that our rival gang had to be responsible, I slipped out to find their hideout. We had known for several days the general area from which they were working, so it was a fairly simple task to find the exact building, seeing as I recognized one of the boys who was on watch out front. To make a long story short, I managed to slip in and kill their leader, but not without alerting one of their scouts on the way out. Unfortunately for both of us, there were three city watchmen walking by on patrol who heard us fighting and managed to subdue and arrest both of us.
I awoke the next morning in a jail cell, where I spent the next week or so. Given other circumstances, I may have tried to escape, but as it was my best friend in the world had been killed, and so far as I knew I had avenged his death. So I sat in my cell, reflecting on my life up to that point.
One morning I woke up to the sound of my cell opening, and the footsteps of a navy officer who was looking at me rather intently. He explained that I had very few options, the most appealing of which was to volunteer to join our kingdom's navy. Before long, I had been placed on a ship; (Insert ship name here). I spent quite some time on this ship, doing the grunt work that was apparently only fit for a retired street urchin. As much as I hated being ordered around, I rarely had to worry about food or drink, and I had a chance to see many of the cities up and down the coast. Before long, I settled into a fairly routine life, such as you might find on any supply ship.
After nearly a year of travel up and down the coast, I awoke one night to shouting up on deck. We were several days out from our next port, so something unusual had to be up. I hopped out of my hammock and went to listen at the hatch. From the bits of shouting that I could hear, I gathered that we were about to be boarded. I dressed quickly, grabbed my weapon, and slipped above deck. As I ducked behind some barrels, I caught a glimpse of the ship, which was now only a stone's throw away. Though at first I was unsure if this was a blessing or a curse, their ship had run up a pirate flag and there were grappling hooks being flung from their deck to ours. As much as I had grown accustomed to my life in the navy, I felt that this was my best chance at freedom. If I could get aboard their ship, and convince the captain of my lack of fidelity to the navy, I might find a new life as a pirate and eventually win my freedom. I made my way to the side of the ship, climbed across one of the grappling lines, and snuck below deck to secret myself away for the night.
The next day, I came out of hiding and approached several crew members. Through some feat of charm and guile, I managed to convince them of my intentions and win an audience with the captain's second in command. Over the course of several hours I told him most of my story and we came to an agreement whereby I would serve on the ship for a standard beginning wage until such a time that I could disembark at a convenient port or be allowed to join the crew as a full member.
Over the following year and a half, I proved my loyalty to the captain and his crew. As suddenly as they had come, my pirate days were behind me. The day that we finally came up against a boarding party of sixty-some giants, my stint on the Wind Rider was over. As the ship was being boarded, I managed to slip away.
That was five years ago. Since then, I've served as a bodyguard, a messenger, and even a bartender. Currently I am a traveling duelist, competing for fame and fortune. Where my life might lead next, I doubt even the gods could know.

01:19 am

Oak Bladebearer

My father's blade fought in the Giant army. He was A Quickling, he's dead now. My mother's Loresong heritage runs through my veins, and with it my father's hope of sparring and dueling died. I'm an adept at magic and so I went to the finest schools we could afford with the Giant's generous pensions. I never studied, instead I joked and fought. A few select bretheren and I gave bullies their comeuppance, as I desperately tried to earn my father's respect. My younger brother, born a Quickling, quickly stole my father's attention, Thayn mastered every weapon my father threw at him, shortbow, sword and my father's prized rapier, made for him by the Giant's after they took the Mojh capitol. He inherited it on my father's death.

As I turned seventeen, we took a ship to the Giant capitol. The races who liberated the humans were being celebrated. We never made it. Our ship was attacked; my father and mother died dueling the local commerce guild. The Giant's benevolent rule doesn't stretch as far as they'd have you imagine. Thayn and I drifted for days. On the sixth day, I passed out. A week later I awoke on the Wind Rider, Captained by a human, Brethor, a pirate. Thayn and I worked everyday on his sails, bilges, carpentry and decks. I made friends easily and readily, while Thayn quietly worked on his sword skill. The rapier's ruby handle glistening. Brethor treated us like sons and six months after arriving we were crew members. With lack of magical training I started sparring with Thayn. Everyday, I worked and trained and joked. I never rivaled Thayn. My magic helped me, but I could never beat him without it.

Ten years passed and we became Brethor's seconds. I kept up with the crew, Thayn fought when we pillaged. Our names were steadily becoming as renowned as our father's was when the Giant armada attacked. Three ships, sixty men boarded the Wind Rider. Brethor locked himself in his cabin, but Thayn, he fought. He fought for our father left unprotected, he fought for Brethor's honor, never having killed men unnecessary taking only what was fair. He fought and I could only watch as he was crushed and killed. And I ran. I grabbed my father's sword and ran. That night as I landed on the Southern coast I took my father's sword and bound it in my blood, my Athame.

I am the last Bladebearer. My father earned our name in the Giant wars, in honor. It's time I lived up to it. I bear no ill will to the Giant's or their government, to the Mojh and their long forgotten Empire. I will fight for anyone who serves justice. I think of my father, I think of Thayn. I am thirty-three and I am ready to accept my name.

Sword of the Family Bladebearer
Preserving Rapier (+2 at this point from Mage Blade Levels)
+2 to attack
1d4+2+Str damage
+1d6 damage vs. undead
3/day, can heal touched creature for 1d6

Mar. 5th, 2006

04:08 am - Arcana Unearthed World in its Current State

General World:

It's been about fifty years since the end of the war, but there's still tension in the air. The lands of Terrina are peaceful for the most part, though it's not uncommon to hear of an attack on one of the border towns. Fundementalist Mojhi are in hiding, striking when they can. The Litorians in the great plains serve as one line of defense, but their positions are sparse and unfortified. The giants running the show manage to keep people calm. Most of the Mojhi have accepted their defeat and have assimilated into society.

The Giant-City of Grim-Tobal on the northern coast has not sent word in months. Anyone who has gone there has not come back. A lot of Mojhi in those coast towns, and the giants' influence isn't nearly as strong there as people would like. But at least there's not open fighting.

Giant-Lord Gil-Galak sits on the throne of Tyrae where the great river meets the Bay of Belagas. (Insert pointless narative to make it look like i'm not just listing the name of an NPC)

(Insert more later)
Simon, that Grim-Tobal city is the important one to you.

Jun. 24th, 2004

08:39 am - from somethingawful.com

The Real Time Strategy Power Gamer

Seen Playing: Starcraft, possibly Warcraft III or one of the Command and Conquer games.

Identifying Traits:
--Probably lives in South Korea.
--Spends over half of the day drilling build orders in skirmish mode to try to make mouse movement and structure placement a part of muscle memory.
--Thinks rushing is for amateurs, because the real masters have developed a multi-tiered rush strategy for 30 seconds, one minute, and three minutes into the game.
--Can creep and level three heroes up to ten in the time it takes an average player to complete his town hall.
--Is probably working on a keyboard macro that will allow him to win matches in under five minutes by pressing 28 buttons in sequence.
--Never even starts any single player campaigns.
--Eats every meal while watching replays of previous matches.
--Talks about how in Korea girls will line up to give blowjobs to top-ranked RTS players while magical gold coins rain from the sky and people from the music industry sample sound loops from famous match replays. In reality televised RTS gaming is roughly as cool, to the general populace of Korea, as the fat guys playing tournament paintball on ESPN 5.

Description: The RTS Power Gamer is easily spotted by the fact that they remain completely quiet during games, ending their inevitable victory with a simple "gg". This is in direct contrast with the usual jackasses who play RTS games online and liberally pepper their conversations with creative misspellings of the word "faggot". While this may seem to be a good thing about the Power Gamer you have to remember that playing against them will either be a brief and infuriating rush match or, for skilled players, a tedious exercise in repelling endless and carefully incremented waves of the enemy backed up by incredibly complex keyboard bindings.

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Current Music: S&G - The Boxer

Jun. 23rd, 2004

09:32 am

Current polls indicate that the members of the Horde at the initial release of World of Warcraft will be outnumbered by Alliance faction members two to one.

this ought to be a very exciting game for Zul'Ramash the Rain Dog, Hunter of the Darkspear Tribe and adept of the Blood Moon Clan.

i can't even imagine how difficult it's going to be for my Undead character, Roland Deadtongue, Fallen Priest of Lordaeron.

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Current Music: Johan de Meij - LOTR Symphony - Mvmt. IV: Journey in the Dark

Jun. 21st, 2004

09:02 am - hey guys can i play

Level: 1
name: seth barb
age: 410 years old
race: rakshasas [monster charicter](found on page 212 of 3.5 monster manual]
allighnment: chaoctic evil
class: ranger

Hp: 9
AC: 13

Str: 20+2=22 17
Dex: 12+4=16 15
Con: 12+6=18 13
Int: 14+2=16 9
Wiz: 14+2=16 17
Chr: 10+6=16 11

fort:- +5
ref:- +5
will:- +5

melle: +1
ranged: +5

animal handling : 21
use rope: 3
swim: 2
knowlage(arcania) 6

Languages: human, dragonic

spellcasting ability: i can cast arcania spells without preperation

that is my cahricter and i can play on almost any night at around 7:30 till like 10:00 this summer

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Jun. 10th, 2004

01:16 am - That Vin Disel interview I told Adam (I think) about

http://www.mediasharx.com/index.php/news/2300 Diesel is that rare breed of Hollywood star, one that tries not to take himself too seriously as a star, but as an actor, well that is a horse of an entirely different color. This is a man who was brought up on a world of fantasy, and, like a grown-up child, sparkles at the very mention of one of his primary influences: Dungeons and Dragons. Or perhaps, one questions, it was just a rumor that Dungeons has spoken to the child within for some two decades. He rolls back on his chair and merely smiles. "I never play D&D," he begins with mock seriousness. "For some reason, they thought that I played D&D for 20 years. They thought that I spent years playing Barbarians, Witchunters the Arcanum. They thought I still played D&D back in the '70s when it's just the basic D&D set. They thought I continued to play D&D when it became Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. They thought I played D&D when there were only three books - the Player's Handbook, and the DM's Guide. They thought I played D&D as it continued onto the Unearthed Arcanum, Oriental Adventures, Sea Adventures, and Wilderness Adventures. They thought I played D&D at the time when Deities and Demigods was the brand new book. They thought I played D&D when I used to get up to a place called The Complete Strategist in New York." We get the point as he smilingly mouths: I'm into D&D a lot. "It was a training ground for a lot of my adventures."

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Jun. 8th, 2004

07:43 pm

Due to a lack of interest I'm quitting D&D.

Jun. 4th, 2004

02:00 pm

Everyone state what day/time they can play next week or if they're going to play at all. We know it's finals week so if you want to duck out and study instead of D&D no problem.

Dave says monday/tuesday are ok, he's hazy for wednesday and thursday/friday are gone.

I work thursday/friday next week

Chris might have a job if things go well today

Adam/Moe/Kevin have finals so speak up, see what we can work out.

I'm thinking we should just postpone it till next week when everything reverts back to "meh" instead of the "augh!" it is now.

May. 31st, 2004

04:48 pm

Oh shit guys, I totally apologize for this but I of all people can't make DnD tomorrow. We should try some other time this week. I think I work thursday and I can't do friday night.

I have a mandatory band rehearsal at the Arts School that I literally CANNOT miss.

I sincerely apologize for not remembering this. I'm really eager to get going again tough. What days are good?

May. 30th, 2004

07:36 pm - Brew Master Prestige Class

This is basically for Adam, and is presented for Dave's approval.

Craft: Beer 5 ranks
Brew Potion
Ability to cast level 3 spells

B.A.B........ Fort Ref Will.. Ability........... Spell casting
Lvl 1 +0….. +2 +0 +0..... More With Less +1 spell casting level
Lvl 2 +1….. +2 +0 +0..... Cast Iron Gullet
Lvl 3 +1….. +2 +0 +0..... Combat Drinking +1 spell casting level
Lvl 4 +2….. +2 +0 +0..... Chug
Lvl 5 +2….. +2 +0 +0..... Dual Potion +1 spell casting level
Lvl 6 +3….. +2 +0 +0..... Backwash
Lvl 7 +3….. +2 +0 +0..... Enhanced Potion +1 spell casting level
Lvl 8 +4….. +2 +0 +0..... Stupor
Lvl 9 +4….. +2 +0 +0..... Exotic Blend +1 spell casting level
Lvl 10 +5….. +2 +0 +0... Death Ale

More With Less:
Reduce the cost of Brewing Potions. Multiply price by 75%.
Cast Iron Gullet:
The Brew Master adds his level to all saves vs. booze and poison.
Combat Drinking:
Drinking a potion no longer provokes an attack of opportunity.
Reduce time it takes to brew potions. Multiply time by 75%.
Dual Potion:
The Brew Master may combine 2 potions in 1 vial. Both are consumed at the same time.
A Brew Master may spray a potion upon one enemy, causing opposite and negative results.
Enhanced Potion:
A Brew Master may create potions with spells of up to 4th level.
Reduce experience cost of potion creation. Multiply experience cost by 75%.
Exotic Blend:
Reduce cost of normal drinks. Multiply cost by 25%.
Death Ale:
May make a potion of Harm.

Sorry for the crappy format. Best I could do with Lj.

May. 28th, 2004

01:10 pm

Days ago, the Paladin Basium went in search of his family. On the way, he and his elf-friend encountered a wagon hauling captured humans. The wagon was not any common wagon, however, it was drawn by two skeletal horses and driven by a pair of zombies. After dispatching the undead, they discovered a map inside.

After freeing the humans and bringing them to the safety of Holl, the party (minus Modi), took off towards the location marked on the map.

They discovered an old human settlement, run down, barren. Well... almost barren. They were attacked by a gaggle of Ghouls. They party fell the gaggle and proceeded through the Ordlen Mountains to the location on their map.

They found themselves a cave. A cave filled with old dwarven goods, mostly rotten and soiled. Traps abounded, as did undead soldiers. In the first throne room, they discovered a dark-skinned elf in the form of an illusion. The attractive man invited them to join him, having his zombies lead the party, but they party decided to slay the zombies instead.

While exploring the first level, they found stairs down. We leave the adventurers staring down this dark flight of stairs.

12:27 pm

D&D @ 6pm on tuesday @ the cabin!

See you there.

To recap:
we had just entered a dead town and now are about to venture into the second level of whatever place we're in.

May. 25th, 2004

04:27 pm

No D&D tomorrow (wednesday)

Dave has to work on his car and it's almost finals time for clark people so we're skipping this week.

See you all next week at a soon to be determined date/time.

come to think of it, next week will be finals week so we might skip that game as well?

May. 15th, 2004

09:24 pm

Dave, Morrigan is working tuesdays now so we need to work on a schedule.

She starts her new work-week next week so this weeks game is still this tuesday. Next week is unknown though.

Kevin isn't workign anymore so wednesday is clear for him as it is for chris and I. I don't know about Adam or you though.

I'll catch you later online but post your work schedule so we can figure something out.

May. 12th, 2004

02:21 am - Oh, Dave, you should check this site out as well


Among other things, there are a bunch of cool new magic items/ relics and stuff.

Also there are "personalities," basically NPC's with backstories and stuff. Some of them are brief, but at least you can pull names and such ;)

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12:55 am - Something donned on me...

a lot of text for nothing major, Dave might be interested in reading it 'though, as would KevinCollapse )

Current Mood: curiouscurious

May. 11th, 2004

11:38 pm - Thank Helm for "web"

My paladin just got a hell of a lot stronger with his new mount. The horse has more int, more speed, more armor, better saves and evasion.

Let's see, whom did what well this session:

I think the dwarves easily take the cake as to who helped the team achieve success. Modi's web spells and other "take em out of combat" spells given to him by his God quickly turned the tide in our favor. Of course, the waves of men kept pushing so a single web spell would've done little to stop the advancing horde. Y'vin's Bane spell took people who probably got a +2 to hit and halved that to +1. While this may seem like a small disadvantage, Kevin basically halved their hits. Coming from a guy who was coughing up blood with 1hp left, this means a lot.

Chris' ability to take out the mages from a vast distance pushed the tide to our advantage even further. While he killed a lot of people, his main contribution was who he killed: mages. Without their magical support to back them up, the mass of men lost much of their tactical abilities. Also, their magic missiles were silenced before getting a chance to fly which the lv.2-3 wizards who survived Sano's volley of arrows showed by ignoring my twenty AC and stripping away my HP. Again, any more shots and I would've been slumped over in my saddle.

Morrigan, while missing a lot of swings, when connecting rallied the rest of the party. Anyone else notice as the fight was dragging on, interest was waning until Moe splattered two elves across their comrades? Everyone perked up and started refocusing which is as important to D&D as rolling twenty's any time. For the record though Morrigan, I won. ;) (even if we were soundly beaten by everyone else :X )

Myself... well.. I never charged, instead employing my horse's attacks against the elves and getting right into the archer's faces. Taking the heat off the casters and less armored of the bunch (I had 20 ac and so does moe, but Adam/Kev/Chris only have 19 and even though it's a single point difference, because of the numbers of attackers it meant a large difference in hits taken). I guess in this game I was a huge hp-soak (even if that's Kevin’s job).

I have to say, even though everyone got something, I made out the best. The horse shoes may have been the cheapest magic item, but it'll increase my effectiveness in battle by tons. Doubling my speed = being able to stay the hell away from monsters while picking them off with single hits. Kevin's gloves are pretty awesome though; fit his character nicely. Same with Modi's cape, god that's useful. Morrigan's God will surely reward her for furthering the cause, what with building a new temple and all.

Oh well, back to talk to Chris about how his character killed the most people. :D Good night and great gaming guys.

May. 10th, 2004

02:04 am - Just so everyone is clear on the subject

D&D @ the cabin @ 6:30

I'd appreciate if someone would print up all of our character sheets from the lab at Clark if any one of you finds the time. Ink in the printer is getting low (not because of us specifically, but I'd like to conserve what ink is left). Everyone's character has been updated http://www.livejournal.com/community/dndinthecouve/9410.html <~here.

If we can take down trolls without fire or acid, I'm sure we can get through any obstacle.

A few notes on people's characters:

Adam/Modi. Notice now that your skills in regards to Knowledge: Religion and Perform are pretty even. These skills will determine how much of you is a clown and how much you are a servant of your god. While you're wholly a follower and your performance comes from 'the God of Fun', these skill choices are reflected in your character. I placed your skills for you with the level up and the only choice I made for you was to put the point in knowledge: religion and not Perform. I could easily change this though. Also, we should construct a printing press cause you're going to be pumping out scrolls like nobody's business. Actually, now that I look at it, you skills have not been updated at all. When you come over tomorrow we’ll sort it all out but it looks like we’ll be able to have you max both perform/knowledge: Religion.

Morrigan MacLanderan/Moe. As we continue to face more magic users, remember your latent abilities such as the ability to shrug off a small bit of fire damage when we confront stronger foes. Your "light" spell can be used to add flair to your speeches. Sure you look ‘boss’ already, but what if in the middle of a rousing speak you pulled out your Great-Sword that was shining brightly (after having the light spell cast upon it). Also, you're just as good with talking to people as you are at killing them, so be as fearless in town as you are on the battlefield. Talk to as many people as you can and see what information pops up. Be careful not to give away too much information though, you never know who is listening... while we don't have any plans other than the fact that we're forming a defensive structure to combat the elves, you'll more than likely serve as our head-piece when the time comes later in the game.

Y’Vin/Kevin. Even though you are a man of the cloth now, you still kick ass. Helm has merely given you a new direction to go but getting there is still up to you. While clerics of Helm may be wary about rushing into to things, sometimes being proactive is the best choice and being active with a dwarven war axe an even better choice. Also, remember that now you answer to a higher power where as before you could kill willy-nilly, now you have to measure one course of action against another. Example:

An ancient and powerful relic stands on one side of a crumbling ledge while on the other side is a bunch of thieves you have taken prisoner and tied up rendering them unable to get off the crumbling ledge. Which do you save? The relic, which might possibly double your fighter’s lethality (power of flight, see-invis, etc) or the helpless yet obviously evil group of thugs.

Sano/Chris. Looks like you're heading into an anti-mage role... could this eventually turn into an anti-moon elf phase? I already talk to you about your character all the time so there's nothing much else to say here

Me/My character. I'm going to be playing a very low-key role in tuesday's game outside of combat. By letting Moe take the spotlight, I lose half of my power. I'll have to make up for this with some furious ass kicking. Maybe a dragon will pop up and we can smite it.

May. 9th, 2004

03:00 am - What a masterworked bow looks like

I'll have it when I can raise people from the deadCollapse )

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May. 7th, 2004

03:08 pm - Another part of Sano's character

Sano had a cousin...Collapse )

10:49 am

Talked to Adam, went over the session so I thought I'd just post it here. Good times.

Last nights sessionCollapse )

May. 6th, 2004

09:41 am - More bad-assery.

Sano looks like this guy:


"Healing is for after the fight."

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12:26 am - Game tomorrow (thursday) 5 pm

Game tomorrow at five @ the cabin.

Bring chips or something. I think we have drinks but snacks are low.

Adam won't be able to join us as he thought the game was cancled till next week and has made other plans.

Don't worry folks, I kick ass enough for both of us.

May. 4th, 2004

10:31 pm - For easier reference

AdamCollapse )

KevinCollapse )

ChrisCollapse )

MorriganCollapse )

JackCollapse )

04:12 pm - A very nice house for the party.

The basement available is 20'X 20'. It can be expanded to more 20X20 squared by adding the cost again for each square.

Better door locks are available as priced in the PHB.

You guys may seriously want to consider this for your living in Holl. That's minimum price up there. You're not gonna get it any lower because I've already considered every possible discount save you guys doing EVERY ounce of work yourselves, which isn't smart.

Each bedroom square contains two bedrooms. The furnishings in each room are rough, including a straw bed on a low frame, a single chest of drawers, and a mirror hanging on one wall. The bedclothes are made of wool, and the blanket is a patchwork quilt. Each room also has a rough bench and small table.

This sparsely furnished room contains a simple iron tub and a toilet which leads through wooden piping to a latrine. There is also a wooden bench provided, as well as a high window for ventilation.

Common area:
This room with its simple wooden floors contains a few padded benches and a coffee table.

Storage Area:
Rough floors and shelves fill this very unpretty area. Due to shelves, drawers and whatnot, each 20X20 area of storage provides 2500-3000 cubic feet of usable storage area.

What do you guys think?

May. 3rd, 2004

11:05 pm

Possible Stronghold Components:

Alcemical Laboratory, Basic 700
Alchemical Laboratory, Fancy 3000 Plus Staff
Amory, Basic 500
Armory, Fancy 2000
Auditorium Fancy 2000
Auditorium, Luxury 10000
Barbican 1000 Plus Staff
Barracks 400
Bath, Basic 400
Bath, Fancy 2000
Bath Luxury 10000 Plus Staff
Bedroom Suite, Basic 800
Bedroom Suite, Fancy 5000
Bedroom Suite, Luxury 25000 Plus Staff
Bedrooms, Basic 700
Bedrooms, Fancy 4000
Bedrooms, Luxury 20000 Plus staff
Chapel, Basic 1000
Chapel Fancy 6000 Plus Staff
Chapel Luxury 25000 Plus Staff
Common Area, Basic 500
Common Area, Fancy 3000
Courtyard, Basic 500
Courtyard Fancy 3000
Courtyard Luxury 15000
Dining Hall, basic 2000 (requires kitchen)
Dining Hall, fancy 12000 (requires kitchen) plus staff
Dining Hall, Luxury 50000 (requires luxury kitchen) Plus staff
Dock, Basic 500 plus staff
Dock, extended 3000 plus staff
Dock, extended dry 15000 plus staff
Gatehouse 1000
Guard Post 300
Kitchen, Basic 2000
Kitchen, Fancy 12000 plus staff
kitchen luxury 50000 plus staff
Labyrinth 500
Library, basic 500
Library, fancy 3000
Library, luxury 15000 plus staff
Magic Laboratory 500
Magic Lab, Fancy 3000 plus staff
Prison Cell 500 p;lus staff
Servants' quarters 400
Shop, basic 400 plus staff
shop, fancy 4000 plus staff
shop luxury 16000 plus staff
Smithy Basic 500 plus staff
Smithy Fnacy 2000 plus staff
Stable basic 1000 plus staff
stable fancy 3000 plus staff
stable luxxury 9000 plus staff
Storage Basic 250
storage fancy 1000
Storage luxury 3000 plus staff
Study/Office Basic 200
S/O fancy 2500
S/O luxury 15000 plus staff
Tavern basic 900 plus staff
tavern fancy 4000 plus staff
tavern luxury 20000 plus staff
Throne Room, basic 2000 plus staff
throne room fancy 12000 plus staff
throne room luxury 80000 plus staff
Torture chamber 3000 plus staff
Training Area, combat 1000
training area, rogue 2000
trophy hall basic 1000
trophy hall fancy (museum) 6000 plus staff
workplace, basic 500
workplace fancyt 2000

Theses costs are for fully furnished rooms. Some items contain multiple rooms. Plus Staff means that that component requires staff, which most likely require payment, which will have to come from somewhere. If you have any questions about specific components just ask. Also, these costs alone do not create the cost of the building. There are many modifiers, and a lot of things depending on what kind of walls you want, how many storeys you want, etc. etc. etc. Some modifiers will even lower the cost for you :) Pretty much just use this list to determine what you want and then I'll present you guys with possible blueprints.

09:19 pm

Dave, how does Tuesday after 5 sound for the new D&D day?

Friday after 8pm is another alternative but I think the tuesday time would be better.

Apr. 30th, 2004

10:42 pm

I have an idea about what to do in Saumund, but it seems a bit risky.

I'll talk to everyone next thursday before the game... but just know that it is devious... ...

Apr. 29th, 2004

03:12 am

Having freed the village of Holl from the Tyrrany of the local Gnoll population, the party set about protecting the city. They set training and arming a militia, and began construction of defense mechanisms. They then set upon the road to investigate a connection between the Gnolls of the Southern Forest and the Fyri Swamp. On their path they encountered wild animals, evil magical beasts, and even a traveling band of elves. They overcame them all and now stand at the gate to Basium's old township of Saumund. What stands behind these closed gates and tattered flags?

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